Cheryl Murtland

Cheryl Murtland
Assistant Director of Academics
Teacher, Senior School Geography
September, 2002
BA (York University); MEd (University of Toronto)
cheryl [dot] murtland [at] smus [dot] ca

Students need to experience different ways of learning so they are eager to learn throughout their lives.

Growing up, Cheryl always wanted to know “Why?”. Her curiosity led to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree followed by 11 years in the Bluewater District of Ontario, teaching Geography, French and French Immersion Geography and History. Now, as Assistant Director of Student Life, teacher and mother of two, Cheryl finds herself explaining “Why?” a lot.

“Geography helps people to understand the world around them,” she says. “When I look at a volcano, I know why it’s there and the effects that it can have on humans and the environment. When I look at an impoverished nation, I know what factors are contributing to that poverty and want to examine why more isn’t being done to improve conditions.”

Cheryl was one of the writers for the Canadian Standards for Geographic Education and was recognized, along with colleague Kirsten Davel, by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and their 2008 Award of Excellence for promoting GIS education in the school.

“Teaching is much more than the content, even at the Senior School level,” says Cheryl. “As a Geography teacher and Administrator, I want my students to be aware of the world around them and better understand what they are seeing and why it is there.”

Cheryl is also heavily involved in the Prefect Council and the Student Council. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and is especially fond of Central America. She loves being outdoors and is working on finding more time for this.