Clayton Daum

Clayton Daum
Teacher, Senior School Modern Languages
Senior Houseparent, Bolton House
September, 2011
BA, PDPP (University of Victoria)

Encourage character development and strive to create an interest in learning.

Clayton feels that every student has the ability to be—and will be—successful; it’s about believing in the process.

“Regardless of our immediate outcomes, we should be willing to accept that we all have different ideas of what success really is,” he says. “Life-long learning, my ultimate goal, takes time. So let’s all relax a bit and enjoy the journey.”

He has certainly tried to live what he preaches. Since the early nineties he’s travelled the world teaching, studying, playing rugby and volunteering. He hopes that by sharing his excitement about the Spanish culture and history his students will continue with their studies of the language and use those skills to open doors.

“Basically I’m passionate about teaching Spanish because it’s a passionate language. You can’t really enjoy it fully without giving in to it. I’m addicted!” he says. “I want my students to travel, work and further their education while enjoying the world in a way they could never do without a second or third language.”

Clayton has opened doors for himself studying in Guatemala and teaching in South America and New Zealand. During his time at Victoria High School, he was head of the Leadership program and resurrected the rugby program, leading them to Provincials for the first time in 30 years. He is excited to ply his trade at SMUS and you’ll find him in the modern languages department, on the rugby field or on office duty in Bolton House.