Darin Steinkey

Darin Steinkey
Marketing Coordinator
Senior House Parent, Timmis House
Teacher, Video Documentary in the Experiential Program
January, 2005
BA (University of Victoria); Dip Comm (Camosun College)



Darin and his wife, Laurie Parker (Senior Houseparent and Community Service Coordinator) landed at SMUS after almost three years teaching in South Korea. He coordinated the Grade 8 boarding program from 2005-2011 before taking on the Senior Assistant and then Senior Houseparent positions in Timmis House.

“Boarding is a vibrant, colourful, close-knit community that I feel greatly privileged to have a role in,” he says. “For students, boarding is an opportunity to discover what you love and our job is to be as creative and intentional as we can when guiding students through.”

After completing a diploma in communication, Darin began working in Marketing and Communication in 2011. He shoots video, takes pictures, writes and helps draft and edit some of the SMUS publications.

“My primary job is to create interesting content for the website,” he says. “Every week I try to find two or three ways to convince you to come back and see what’s happening.”

Darin pairs his SMUS duties with diverse side projects including book publishing, videography, public radio and writing. He is also fortunate to travel fun places a couple of times a year.