Dave Hlannon

Dave Hlannon
Director of Educational Technology
September, 2016
BA Computer Science and Philosophy (SFU)

I really believe in challenging every student while providing the right structures to support the learning of those who are struggling.

In 2003, Dave combined two of his passions – computer science and his love for teaching – when he created Byte Camp, which is now the biggest summer tech camp in Western Canada.

“I am very proud of creating and nurturing Byte Camp for 13 years,” he says. “I started with a $6,000 loan to buy some laptops, and it is very empowering to look back on those early struggles and see what it grew into.”

Meeting SMUS staff members while consulting on curriculum planning with independent school educational technology directors eventually led him to apply for our new Director of Educational Technology position.

“I see an opportunity for our students to be powerful communicators and skilled users in digital media,” he says. “These new literacy skills will open all kinds of doors for them in education, in their careers and socially.”

In his spare time, Dave enjoys building and tinkering, down-time with family, and the outdoors. He also has a passion for jazz and says, “I lived in Prague for a year. It was magical. I am a big jazz fan, and the jazz club scene at that time was outstanding. Every night of the week I could go and see world-class musicians playing in intimate cellar rooms.”