Dawn Wilson

Dawn Wilson
Director of Education Extension and International Programs
September, 2005
BA (Hons) (University of British Columbia); PDPP (University of Victoria); Certificate, Online Education (University of London); MBA (University of Victoria)

As the Director of Education Extension and International Programs, Dawn develops and manages all of the external, domestic programs, maintains and creates new exchange opportunities for SMUS students, and directs the international programs.

“I love the people, the facilities, and the environment at SMUS,” says Dawn. “I can combine my passion for teaching and learning to create unique, tailor-made programs.”

After spending a year in Paris at the Sorbonne, Dawn also worked part-time as a guide through the tunnels at the Canadian WWI Memorial at Vimy in the early 1980s. She taught English in Japan from 1985-91 and, in the early 2000s, decided to shift her focus to business, completing an MBA and then joining SMUS. From the ISpy summer program to exchanges to Woodstock school in India, Passion Sports camps and so much more, Dawn creates endless opportunities for adventurous students.

Outside of her work at SMUS, Dawn enjoys swimming, cycling and fitness in general as it relates to health and quality of life.

“I really appreciate the autonomy of my job,” she says. “I have a fulfilling career and am proud of my wonderful family.”