Eliot Anderson

Eliot Anderson
Director of Senior School
September, 1998
BEd, MEd (University of Victoria)

Student engagement leads to student success.

Eliot began his career at SMUS as a volunteer rugby coach, which led to a job in the boarding community in Harvey House. He started on a part time contract in the science department the following year and eventually began full time, teaching biology, physics, Health and Career Education, and Physical Education. He took over as Head of the PE department and happily held that position for six years.

After a one year sabbatical in which he traveled the world with his family, Eliot returned to the school as Assistant Director of Senior School, Student Life and is now Director of Senior School.

“I help run the Prefect Council, so I get an interesting look at how the students view their time at the School. It is fascinating to work with them to help improve life on campus and to watch them develop a sense of who they are and the legacy they wish to leave behind,” says Eliot.

In his spare time Eliot likes to spend lots of time hiking, camping and skiing with his family. He also enjoys running, cycling, swimming and the odd game of hockey or squash.