George Floyd

George Floyd
Teacher, Middle School Information Literacy and Technology
September, 1991
Dip Arts and Science (Royal Roads Military College); BSc, PDPP Teacher Certification (University of Victoria)

Fostering curiosity is critical to motivating student interest and learning.

George loves to see students progress on their educational careers and perhaps even author new sections in the Great Book of Knowledge, as he calls it. He likens teaching to paddling in whitewater (another of his great loves): “You never know what’s coming at you,” he says. “Sometimes it comes in waves, it’s mostly unpredictable, but never dull.”

George grew up as one of those infamous Service Brats during the Cold War era. Born and raised on a Canadian Airforce Base in Germany (Zweibrucken), he also lived on a variety of Air Bases in Western Canada. To him, there was absolutely nothing more thrilling than to hear a flight of CF-104 Starfighters taking off on a mission. George travelled extensively with the family through Western Europe and continues to travel as an adult, roaming through Denmark, Japan, Thailand and Mexico.

He considers it a great privilege to work at the Middle School and, having arrived in 1991, has accompanied many interesting young people on their educational journeys, both in Science (his original position at the Middle School) and now in Technology.

“I am addicted to the ‘ah-ha’ moments that arise in a classroom from time to time,” George says. “Teaching for me is like unveiling the instruction manual for the universe. There, the ‘spark’ of learning can unleash the flame of understanding.”

George incorporates many of his personal pursuits into his work at the Middle School. Among other things, he has coached badminton for many years, as well as being involved in the outdoor education program, the bi-yearly Middle School musical, and Middle School Year in Review Video for the Closing Ceremonies. He has two adult children and two grandchildren “who connect me to the joys of childhood all over again.”