Gordon Chan

Gordon Chan
Teacher, Junior School Technology
September, 1996
BEd (University of Victoria); Masters of Educational Technology (University of British Columbia)

Students realize their potential personally and also academically when they are respected and afforded an opportunity to take risks in a supportive climate.

Have you ever seen the end-of-year slideshow at the Junior School? If so, you’ve seen some of Gordon’s work. Not only that, he is behind many of the Junior School photos on www.smus.ca and teaches computers from grades 2-5. He also supports the faculty in adapting technology for the classroom—an important piece in the Junior School puzzle.

“I am really proud of the work I do assisting teachers in the use of technology,” Gordon says. “Integrating new tools in the classroom enriches the learning environment.”

Gordon believes that education is not only academic but also plays an important role in an individual’s personal development.

“A stable, caring classroom is necessary to establish a secure, stimulating and successful learning environment,” he says. “An achievable standard of academic expectations—influenced by each child’s individual capabilities and differences—and immediate, positive feedback encourages students to assess their own work, to strive for the best, to judge their own accomplishments and to be responsible for their own actions in and out of the classroom.”

Outside the classroom you’ll find Gordon on the badminton court, playing ball hockey or pitching in at his church.