Graham Lilly

Graham Lilly
Teacher, Senior School Economics
Fifth House Parent, Harvey House
September, 2006
BA, PGCE (Durham University), MEd (University of Alberta)

Have fun, make the theory relevant, vary delivery styles, keep the students front of mind.

With a diverse career path that ultimately led to SMUS, Graham brings a wealth of business knowledge to his classes. Before discovering his ingrained passion for teaching, Graham opened a business that brought tourists from the United Kingdom to Canada on vacation.

In the business education course he designed for Grade 10 students, he brings in members of the business community to mentor the students on their own business ideas. They have to take it from concept to launch within a term, and then participate in a “Dragon’s Den” style pitch. It’s all part of teaching the students to think on their feet and overcome challenges that business owners deal with every day.

In addition to teaching, Graham is also a houseparent in Harvey House, and coaches both field hockey and cricket. An avid traveller, he has toured several continents. In his free time, Graham enjoys hiking, cycling, kayaking, golf and gardening.