Ian Farish

Ian Farish
Teacher, Senior School Band
Alumnus, Class of 1989
September, 1999
BSc (Chem), BA (Mus), BEd (Queen's University), MEd (University of Victoria)

Learning music needs to be a hands-on, experiential activity.

Ian Farish loves music. He plays it, teaches it, writes about it and does his best to communicate that passion to his students. Not only that, but he likes to learn alongside the kids. “I am always learning and that helps me understand where the kids are at,” he says.

With a nice balance of post-secondary education, and plenty of time playing live shows and touring, Ian brings diverse, real-world experience to his Middle School band classes. In more than 15 years at SMUS, he has collaborated with current and former students, as well as written several of the musicals performed by the Middle School.

“When an ensemble really comes together and plays at a high level, it’s an exciting thing for a music teacher and for the students as well,” he says.

In addition to teaching, Ian coaches soccer and track and field. An enthusiastic adventurer, Ian and his family spent a year traveling around the world. They visited Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Peru. He has also taken up kitesurfing to keep himself busy outside of school.