Kate Knight

Kate Knight
University Counsellor
Academic Advisor
Fifth House Parent, Timmis House
September, 2014
BA (Trent University), BEd (Queen’s University), MEd (University of Calgary)
I love one-on-one conversations with students and families and celebrating their achievements.

Kate has taught English, history, anthropology, law, and careers as well as in special education in a small Inuit village in Nunavut, in a rural school in Colorado, and aboard a tall ship sailing the world with students. She has also worked extensively in special education and served as Head of School with a small international school for six years. More recently, she worked as an education consultant, assisting students and families with post-secondary planning and collaborating with established and start-up schools on professional development programming.

Kate loves to help students discover their strengths and passions and figure out their next steps to a post-secondary program, gap year, or career opportunity which will help them develop their skills and reach their goals.

Kate channels the energy she gains from working in a school community by getting involved in new school initiatives with both students and faculty. She is the unofficial “Director of Fun” at SMUS, planning multiple events throughout the year to bring faculty and staff together for friendly inter-departmental challenges that also involve students.

Outside of work, Kate can be found enjoying good food and great company at local restaurants, curled up with a book and a cup of tea, or planning her next global adventure to add to the more than 60 countries she has already visited!