Rev. Keven Fletcher

Rev. Keven Fletcher
Chaplain and Faculty Mentor
September, 2004
BA (University of British Columbia); MDiv, ThM (Vancouver School of Theology)

St Michael’s School Motto: “Nothing is great unless it is good.”

An Ordained Minister and former Conflict Resolution Facilitator with the United Church of Canada, in the past Keven worked mainly with congregations in the midst of crisis. This work drew on his background as an organizational change and development consultant with Pacific Leadership Inc., where Keven was a Principal working in both the private and public sectors. He also served as the Executive Director of Workplace Ministry, a not-for-profit centre for the exploration of ethical issues within the business community of Vancouver. This position led to his collaboration with colleagues at VanCity Credit Union, and founding the long-standing Ethics in Action Awards.

Now in his 7th year as Chaplain, Keven offers the opportunity for students and staff to pause, breathe, and consider who we are and who we wish to become.

“The role of Chaplain at SMUS is intriguing,” Keven says. “The students themselves represent a wide breadth of faiths from Buddhism and Judaism to Sikhism and Christianity. Many within our walls wouldn’t describe themselves as belonging to a particular faith, period. Because of this, Chapel is a place where the larger questions of life are pondered without subscription to a particular doctrinal position.”

Beyond his role as Chaplain, Keven is deeply involved in the school’s leadership programme, speaking on our behalf at conferences and representing our approach through publications like the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education's Developing Ethical Student Leaders.

Outside of the school, he shares a roof with Jen, two cats, a miniature Schnauzer and a rather large Mastiff. Kaeleigh, his daughter, is a graduate of SMUS and attends university on the east coast. Keven sits on the Board of Our Place Society, an outreach to the impoverished within the downtown core that offers meals, residence and counselling.