Kirsten Davel

Kirsten Davel
Assistant Director of Academics
Teacher, Senior School Geography, Economics and Social Studies
September, 1994
BA, Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Zimbabwe)

Learning should be enjoyable, interesting and challenging.

Kirsten began teaching at Hamilton Boys' High School and Thomas Coulter Junior School in Zimbabwe. She spent four years teaching in Johannesburg, South Africa, dividing her time between geography at Jeppe Girls’ High School and English at Dawnview High School. Since coming to SMUS she has won the Excellence in GIS Education award along with Cheryl Murtland.

“Geography is life and life is geography,” says Kirsten. “It's about the real world and the real world is complex and interesting and wonderful!”

At SMUS, she has taught geography and economics, including AP Human Geography and is now Assistant Director of Academics. Her extracurricular activities include the Student Commonwealth Conference, the 30 Hour Famine and the school musical. Kirsten also heads up the Global Responsibility strand of Leadership at SMUS along with Tony Goodman.

“I want to guide children to realise that they have a voice and can act for social justice,” says Kirsten. “I want students to be passionate about their world and help them discover their role in it.”