Nikki Kaufmann

Nikki Kaufmann
Teacher, Senior School PE
Senior House Parent, Symons House
September, 2007
BEd, MEd (University of Victoria)

Students may be great academics, athletes, artists, or musicians, but the development of great people is truly the goal.

Nikki sees teaching as an investment of time where the return is, hopefully, great people. Although it can be an uncertain and fragile investment, the cultivation of human capital is a worthy venture. This requires care, compassion, and learning experiences that offer fun, challenge, connection, and lifelong meaning.

“Physical Education is a particularly challenging and fulfilling subject to teach,” says Nikki. “I strive to create an atmosphere where students can enjoy physical activity, explore their individual and collective capabilities, and experience the importance of health, fitness, and wellness as part of a balanced lifestyle.”

An academic All-Canadian and a five-year member of the varsity Women’s Soccer team at UVic (which included a CIS National Championship in 2005), Nikki began working at SMUS as a coaching intern, then houseparent. She then became assistant athletic director and began teaching PE. She considers herself the most fortunate member of the PE department because she gets to share an office with Ian Hyde-Lay.

Nikki has also spent time abroad in Nicaragua volunteering in impoverished communities. This experience led to organizing a SMUS service trip to the same area with 10 students during Spring Break 2013. She is happy to see the trip evolve to include even more students as a regular offering at SMUS. In her spare time she enjoys strength training, running, and adventures with her dog, Phig.