Reagan Daly

Reagan Daly
Teacher, Senior School PE, Geography and History
Senior Assistant House Parent, Barnacle House
September, 2006
BEd (University of Victoria)

Learning should be experiential and meet the needs of all types of learners.

In addition to being a teacher, Reagan is also an athlete and outdoor adventurer. He played for the UVic Vikes basketball team for five years and enjoys rock-climbing in his spare time.

“I love seeing our students succeed in a variety of different tasks, from the classroom, to the gym, to the outdoors.”

In PE class, Reagan’s enthusiastic energy inspires students to give their all, including long runs around the neighbourhood. He is also heavily involved in the outdoor education program and experiential program, which he worked on in its pilot year.

In addition to teaching, Reagan has a passion for travelling and has toured extensively through Asia, Australia and Europe. Along with Richard Primrose, he is co-holder of the Ironman award for most consecutive days worked in the PE department.