Richard Curry

Richard Curry
Senior School Assistant Director, Administration
Teacher, Senior School Physics and Earth Science
September, 2003
MA (Cambridge); PhD (St. Andrews); Post Graduate Certificate in Education (London)

Everyone should have a chance to try everything.

Richard currently teaches physics and earth science, but has also taught geology, information technology, chemistry and mathematics. He finds science fascinating in part because of how it constantly amazes him when he makes a new connection or suddenly understands something for the first time.

“I believe that students should learn to stand on their own,” he says. “I try to structure parts of my courses to encourage the students to be independent and to be more responsible for their progress.”

Richard also coaches and helps administrate the rowing team run by his wife, Susanne, as well as working on the school’s technology committee. He helped develop the data system that SMUS currently uses for everything from report cards to its online calendar. A horn player, Richard also occasionally plays in school music groups.

“I'm very interested in rowing,” he says. “I enjoy taking my science outside the classroom and trying to show the students how science is real—maybe even useful—in life.”

Richard grew up in the United Kingdom and lived in Scotland for four years before coming to Canada. He and his wife have two daughters.