Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey
Teacher Librarian and ESL, Middle School
September, 2011
BSc. (University of Victoria); BEd (Malaspina); M.Ed (UVic)

Forming strong relationships with students is at the heart of successful teaching.

Some people say the traditional library is dying. If they dropped into the middle school, their opinion may change. The library is a colourful collage of books, magazines, computers, comfy seating and the space to explore it all. Sarah is in the middle of it, encouraging kids to absorb everything they can.

“Our student’s imaginations and critical thinking skills are essential to nourish and develop,” she says. “With the various forms of media that we find ourselves engaging with on a daily basis, students need to have the critical thinking skills to assess what they are viewing and learn how to adapt to our changing global climate.”

Sarah began working with kids in high school and her road to SMUS wound through the Maple Leaf International School in China, Collingwood in Vancouver, and Glenlyon Norfolk here in Victoria. Through that time, relationship building with her students has always been paramount.

“By learning who my students are, what they are interested in, and how they learn, I can adjust my teaching style to best suit their needs,” says Sarah. “I am a strong advocate for experiential education and in providing students with the skills to reflect on their learning.”

Sarah has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from UVic. In her Master's research, she focused on ways in which teachers can use the principals​ of Servant-Leadership to create a culture of collaboration. She uses this research in her daily work to strengthen professional relationships with students, parents, and staff.