Steve Bates

Steve Bates
Teacher, Senior School Mathematics
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Harvey House
September, 2006
BEd (University of Victoria); MEd (Framingham)

I entertain and educate. You work hard and learn.

Steve entered university with the sense that he would like to teach. After completing his degree, he spent four years teaching in the Comox Valley. He wanted to escape small-town life and gain a broader perspective on the world, so he decided to teach overseas. He spent four years abroad, teaching for two years in Mexico and two in Spain.

His international experiences contributed to an ongoing passion for travel and the Spanish language. A sports enthusiast, Steve plays baseball, hockey and basketball. One of the highlights of his time at SMUS was when his Grade 9 boys’ basketball team completed the triple-crown achievement as league, city, and island champions. His best memories come from the classroom, though.

“I enjoy the definitive nature of mathematics and how it can help to explain everything in the world around us,” he says. “I am proudest of the impact I have had on my students over the years. However, it is truly half of the impact they have had on me.”