Susan Vachon

Susan Vachon
Learning Resources Support, Senior School
September, 2002
BA (Hons) (Mount Alison); BEd (Dalhousie); MEd (University of British Columbia)

The real test of a teacher's skill is how they meet the needs of those who didn't get it the first time and those who knew it before they were taught it.

Susan began her career working at a First Nations school in North Vancouver before becoming a Special Education teacher, service coordinator and department head at Collingwood School. She joined SMUS as a Learning Resource specialist, and has also taught Grade 8 English and Communication Skills and sponsored the Homework Club.

“Students often come to Learning Resource a bit wounded from having not met with success in school,” she says. “I love being part of the confidence building process and watching students fulfill their potential. The best is seeing students whom I worked with in Grade 6 win awards at their Grade 12 graduation.”

Outside of the school, Susan enjoys reading, cycling and traveling, interests she combined to work in Europe as a bike guide. She lead trips that followed the Tour De France route. After university, she spent five years travelling and has spent time in Central America, Europe and Australia.