Theresa Hogg-Jackson

Senior House Parent, Winslow House
Boarding Counsellor
September 2006
BA Hons, MSc (University of Lethbridge), MEd in Counselling (University of Victoria)

Theresa began her post-secondary career with a passion for the human brain. She completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in neuroscience before she came to Victoria to get her third degree in counselling.

“I really enjoyed neuroscience but I wanted to work more directly with people, especially with children and teenagers,” says Theresa. “So I decided to become a counsellor.”

Theresa joined SMUS as a houseparent in 2006, and Counselling in 2007. She previously worked for the Ministry of Child and Family Development at Child and Youth Mental Health. She was appointed to Senior Houseparent in Winslow House in 2012 and runs the ship with grace. As a counsellor in boarding, Theresa works with students from around the world, treating a range of issues.

“Students can come to talk to me about anything, including stress, sleeping problems, relationship issues, anger management, resolving conflict, depression or homesickness,” she says.

Outside of work, Theresa enjoys knitting, gardening and spending time with her husband, Middle School teacher Zyoji Jackson, and their two kids.