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Supporting our kindergarten classrooms through the Annual Appeal
The Annual Appeal supports creativity and curiosity in our classrooms
Shara Campsall and her two children

My name is Shara Campsall and I am the Director of Annual Fund and Major Gifts. I'd like to extend my thanks to you for your interest in supporting our school.

Independent school education is about choice. Families make choices that will best support their children's personal journeys; we are a not-for-profit organization and we rely on parents and alumni supporting the school. Our Annual Appeal supports initiatives such as program enhancements, renovations, technology upgrades, musicals, operas and athletics. All families and alumni, staff and faculty are asked to consider giving to our Annual Appeal.

If you want to talk about any aspect of the Annual Appeal, you can contact me by completing the form on this page, sending me an email at: [email protected] or giving me a call by cell: 250-216-6460 or office: 250-370-6197. You're also welcome to visit me on the 4th floor of School House on the Richmond Road campus but please contact me first to check my schedule.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions about our Annual Appeal. Below are some of the most common but please contact us if you would like more information.

QWhy do I need to donate money when I already pay tuition?

St. Michaels University School relies on tuition income, Annual Appeal contributions, endowment income and other revenue-generating efforts to meet our operating expenses each year. Many of our parents are surprised to learn that tuition does not cover all costs of a SMUS education. In fact, tuition covers only 85% of the cost of educating your child. Like most independent schools, we rely on charitable giving to bridge the gap between revenue and expenses.

QWhat is the Annual Appeal? How does it affect me?

The Annual Appeal is an important financial component of every independent school and, as the name implies, gifts to our Annual Appeal are solicited every year. In order to be successful and generate additional funds needed to fulfill our financial aid commitments to our students and their families, as well as maintaining the infrastructure of the campuses, we reach out every year to our SMUS family – board members, parents, staff, faculty, alumni and friends – to assist us. Individual participation in the Annual Appeal is the key to making a significant difference to our whole school community.

Simply stated, without your support and the support of hundreds of others in our community, St. Michaels University School would not be the school it is today.

QWhat are the goals of the Annual Appeal? How does my donation help?

The goal of the Annual Appeal is to strengthen our school and make it easier for a diverse range of students to benefit from the amazing education we have to offer. The key word for donors to keep in mind is participation, participation, participation! High participation by our parents is a vote of confidence and demonstrates their support of our school's mission. A high level of parent participation has been shown to have a positive impact on gifts from our alumni and other supporters. Even major donors inquire about parent participation before agreeing to commit funds to the school.

This year’s goal is $1.4 million. Imagine what resources and enrichment programs these funds bring to our whole school community.

QWill my gift really make a difference?

Your gift will have a significant impact on your child’s education and the education of future students. The participation of each family not only helps support our school, but it inspires others to donate and makes the success of the Annual Appeal a true community achievement.

Did you know that every dollar of financial assistance we provide to our students is the direct result of the generosity of our donors? Were you aware that all of the buildings and facilities on which your child learns and plays would not exist without the support of hundreds of donors - people and families who wished to “pay it forward” in honour of the difference that SMUS has made to them and those closest to them? Tuition fees alone would never generate the funds necessary to renovate School House, build a new Junior School, bring in enrichment programs, provide extra coaching, acquire specialty resources and more.

An independent school such as SMUS has fewer supporters than a university, hospital, or large charity. Because the number is small and the need is large, every gift counts more. For that reason many of our families make SMUS one of their philanthropic priorities. Your gift truly matters.

QShould I give if I receive financial assistance?

Even though many families make financial sacrifices to provide their children with a SMUS education, it is still important for every member of our community to participate in our Annual Appeal at some level. All gifts to the school are tax deductible in Canada and demonstrate a belief in our school.

QMy company offers a matching gift program. Can SMUS benefit from this?

Very much! Matching gifts can double or even triple your gift to the school. Check with your Human Resources office for more information.

QCan I see where every dollar of the fund goes?

Yes, you can. You can view our How We Spend page for an overview and contact us for more detailed information.

QHow can I make a gift to St. Michaels University School?

Please see our Ways to Donate page. If your preferred method is not listed, please contact us.