Financial Aid Now

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Financial Aid Now helps remove financial barriers for new and returning students to study at SMUS

The Annual Appeal is focused on four priority areas: Urgent Priorities and Programming, Upgraded Facilities, Everyday Impact and Financial Aid Now. Many of our needs are urgent and all are aligned with Floreat, our strategic plan, to ensure students today and in the future benefit from your philanthropic investment in education.

Fundraising Priority: Financial Aid Now

St. Michaels University School students receiving financial aid come from many different backgrounds, and they come to us with a very strong commitment to school culture and to excellence. The diversity of our school is very much supported by the presence of talented students who might otherwise not be here.

Our community is not immune to the challenges so many are facing during these extraordinary times. Our Board of Governors and school leadership are committed to serving our students, families and staff as we all navigate these changes. Now more than ever we believe we must unite in supporting our students and each other. Aligned with the commitments outlined in Floreat, our Financial Aid Now fundraising priority helps remove financial barriers for new and returning students to receive an outstanding education at SMUS.

Financial Aid Now

Need: $400,000

Distributed through an external service and based on need, financial aid support ensures students are not prevented from learning at SMUS due to financial pressures. Every year, 20% of our student body is supported by financial aid or staff bursaries.



Financial Aid February Alumni Decade Challenge

This year, we added a little ‘fun’ in fundraising and asked our alumni to show some grad class pride while helping Every Student have Every Opportunity for an outstanding SMUS education. The results are below.



day and boarding students received some amount of financial aid last year, ranging from $1,500 to $20,000.

$1.9 million

in financial aid is offered to deserving families in an average year.


of funding is generated annually thanks to the support from generous donors and our endowment fund contributions.

Receiving financial aid has opened many doors in my life that may not have been possible otherwise. I am grateful to have been granted these opportunities that have changed me, allowed me to grow, and to continue to reach new goals. Being awarded financial aid has been a blessing on my family and me, and it pushes me every day knowing that I was given something special.

– Grade 11 Student

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