Planned Giving

Student with younger student
A planned gift is one of the most moving gifts you can provide to our students and school

After you have provided for your family and those you love in your will, you can create a legacy for those who follow.

When you leave a gift to St. Michaels University School in your will, your passion for learning and caring will live on. The SMUS experience is priceless, and you will be ensuring that financial means is not a barrier to our young people. You will be providing access to education for generations to come. On behalf of the Board of Governors, thank you for your foresight and generosity.

Types of Planned Gifts


A bequest is a gift of real or personal property under a will and directed to a specific beneficiary or beneficiaries. Types of bequests include:

  • A specific bequest is a gift of a specified amount of money or piece of property
  • A conditional bequest is a gift made after certain conditions are met
  • A residual bequest is a gift of all or part of the residue of the estate, after all specific bequests have been paid out of an estate.

Leaving a bequest to SMUS is the simplest way to leave a legacy. To include a bequest in your will, you will need to give the legal professional drafting your will our legal name and address. It is essential that this is correct:

St. Michaels University School
3400 Richmond Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 4P5
Charitable Number 10803 2988 RR0001

Sample Bequest Clauses

This clause is to give a share of the residue. It designates a percentage of the remainder of your estate, once debts and specific bequests have been paid:

I give to St. Michaels University School, 3400 Richmond Road, Victoria, BC V8P 4P5 _____ percent of the resident of my estate for its charitable purposes.

An alternative is a specific bequest, which designates a specific amount of cash or other asset/s:

I give to St. Michaels University School, 3400 Richmond Road, Victoria, BC V8P 4P5, the sum of $______ [or description of the property or asset] for its charitable purposes.

Gift of Securities

Gift of securities is a gift of publicly traded stock. There are certainly tax advantages to you if you are considering this gift vehicle. Stock can make up part of, or as an entire gift. You are best served if you contact SMUS in advance of making such a gift. You can also include securities in a bequest. Please provide our Stock Delivery Instructions form to your financial advisor.

Gift of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance is popular planned giving vehicle and there are several variations of a gift of life insurance. For example, you can be the owner of the policy and SMUS the beneficiary, or you can transfer ownership of a policy to SMUS but continue to pay the policy premiums. There are different tax considerations for each variation, as well as different benefits to you and us.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust allows a significant contribution to SMUS, and allows for payments to a beneficiary through investment income.

Retirement Funds – RRSP/RRIF

You may choose to name SMUS as the beneficiary of your RRSPs/RRIFs. The result of this arrangement is a wonderful gift to SMUS and a reduction in living or estate taxes.

Other Gifts

There are several vehicles that can be considered planned gifts as well as combination gifts. We welcome a creative discussion with SMUS Advancement staff but encourage you to contact your financial advisor prior to contacting us.

Contact Us

If you are considering a planned gift, we invite you to contact us to discuss:

Shara Campsall
Director of Annual Fund and Major Gifts
[email protected]