Types of Funds

The Annual Appeal supports programs like Rowing
Giving to School Initiatives allows us to support programs of excellence like Rowing

Which fund should I give to?

If you are unsure as to which fund to direct your gift, we encourage you to direct it to School Initiatives. This provides our Board of Governors and Senior Leadership team with the most flexibility (we call this ‘unrestricted’) to use your gift where it can have the most benefit. We appreciate the trust you show in supporting our Board and leadership team in identifying areas of need for your gift.

If you, however, have a particular ‘restricted’ purpose that is not covered by these funds, please contact us. By law, restricted funds are 100% used for your intended purpose.

There are many different ways that you can direct your gift to SMUS. For some people, they specifically want to help kids gain admission to the school, for others, it’s about ensuring our long-term financial strength. Whatever your motivation, we very much appreciate your gift.

Types of funds

School Initiatives

This is our most flexible fund, since it allows our Board of Governors and Senior Leadership team to direct your gift to the area of most need or to a project that is most in need of funding.

Financial Aid - Now

Direct your gift to this fund if you are committed to ensuring the accessibility of SMUS for students whose families otherwise lack the financial means.

Opportunities for Excellence -
Junior, Middle & Senior School

If you’re passionate about ensuring the best possible educational environment in a particular school, you can choose to direct your gift to one of the three schools at SMUS. This fund is then used by each Director of the school for projects that support the teaching in the school, such as new music equipment.

Endowed Funds

Endowment funds have two purposes. They support the school long-term by providing financial security. They also provide scholarships, so we can direct financial aid to families in need. If you are interested in giving to a specific endowment fund, please contact us to discuss.

  • Alumni Endowment Fund
  • J.J. Timmis Scholarship
  • Shergold Fund
  • Colin Skinner Fund
  • Symons Founders Fund
  • Reg Wenman ‘21 Fund
  • John Schaffter Fund
  • Rob Wilson Scholarship
  • Douglas Williams Fund
  • Michael Walsh Scholarship
  • Parents’ Auxiliary Fund