Upgraded Facilities

Art students in Brown Hall

Brown Hall, long the heart of campus, is evolving into a multi-use space

The 2020-21 Annual Appeal is focused on four priority areas: Urgent Priorities and Programming, Upgraded Facilities, Everyday Impact and Financial Aid. Many of our needs are urgent and all are aligned with Floreat, our strategic plan, to ensure students today and in the future benefit from your philanthropic investment in education.

Fundraising Priority: Upgraded Facilities

We are revitalizing key areas and spaces. Our work is informed by the needs of our students, our commitment to sustainability and recognition of the location of our school, which rests in the heart of Straits Salish territory, a living culture with its own rites, ceremonies, and unfolding history. Aligned with the commitments outlined in Floreat, our Upgraded Facilities fundraising priorities will provide the facilities for our future and the equipment students need to get the most out of their learning experience.

Middle School Lockers

Need: $5,700

As our school community grows, the need to update and expand on the basics is important. New lockers at the Middle School are one way of equipping students with the resources they need; creating the space to safely store their belongings while they focus on learning.

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Chapel Renovations

Need: $30,000

Built by and for our students, the Chapel is where we pause to explore ideas and perspectives. We are investing in key areas of the building to enhance the exterior weatherproofing and improve the use of storage space inside.

Thank You!

SMUS Values Carvings

Need: $15,000

We stand by our school Values of respect, courage, honesty, and service, and we are honoured to be working with First Nations artist Dylan Thomas to create a visual display of them. Four custom spindle whorls will be crafted and shared between the three schools.

Thank You!

Perimeter Fencing and Gate

Need: $180,000

A new perimeter fence and gate at the Richmond Road campus will make a lasting impression on our community as we welcome people into the school to learn and connect, while keeping our students safe.


Brown Hall Refurbishment

Need: $40,000

Long the heart of our Richmond Road campus, Brown Hall is evolving into a dynamic multi-use space for learning and meeting. The addition of blinds and enhanced electrical and AV systems will ensure the space adapts to new opportunities.



Need: $10,000

With more than 100 years of history to celebrate, our Archives play a vital role in preserving our school experience for generations to come. This year we will be working on elements related to our upcoming 50-Year Jubilee, which will celebrate the amalgamation of our two founding schools.

Thank You!

New Gym Lighting

Need: $7,500

Our athletes shine on the court. An investment in our lighting system at the Middle and Senior School gym will reduce our energy consumption by 50%, contributing to Floreat’s commitment to sustainability.

Thank You!


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