Urgent Priorities and Programming

Middle School teacher and student

From new computers to outdoor classroom spaces, we are prioritizing outstanding student care

The 2020-21 Annual Appeal is focused on four priority areas: Urgent Priorities and Programming, Upgraded Facilities, Everyday Impact and Financial Aid. Many of our needs are urgent and all are aligned with Floreat, our strategic plan, to ensure students today and in the future benefit from your philanthropic investment in education.

Fundraising Priority: Urgent Priorities and Programming

St. Michaels University School has a strong history of responding to student needs as the world changes. As we look at new ways to use our campus space, learn online and stay connected while staying apart, we need to adapt. Aligned with the commitments outlined in Floreat, our Urgent Priorities and Programming fundraising areas are focused on the learning experience, with a priority on outstanding student care.

Junior School Classroom

Need: $25,000

Where our students learn helps inspire new ideas. Now more than ever, we are looking for ways to create space outside to engage our students in new and big ideas safely. Sheltered outdoor learning spaces will help our students learn together while staying further apart.

Thank You!

Middle School Computer Program

Need: $100,000

We provide laptop computers as an annual requirement for all Middle School students as part of our technology plan. Raising the funds for this vital element of student learning ensures our ability to maintain progress on our technology education plan. Giving students the right tools to allow for flexible learning modalities will also cushion against any future pandemic impacts on teaching and learning.


PPE Kits and Sanitizing Stations

Need: $20,000

Student safety and well-being is our top priority. Adding personal protective equipment and sanitizing stations to campus means we can all focus on learning and teaching, knowing our community’s health is well taken care of.

Thank You!

Senior School Science Classroom Refurbishment

Need: $150,000

Our classrooms need updates to ensure students can continue with a hands-on approach to learning while being safely distanced. We are committed to enhancing our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) programming as part of our focus on offering the best learning experience for our students.

Thank You!

Fob Building Access

Need: $25,000 for boarding residences

Need: $25,000 for athletics complex

Our commitment to offering the best education in Canada includes creating access to a state-of-the-art campus. Keeping student safety and security top of mind, the boarding houses and the Monkman Athletic Complex will be updated to a fob entry system.



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