Why Support the Annual Appeal?

A middle school production
Your donation supports unique programming at the school, such as musicals performed at professional theatres

We invite our school community of alumni, parents, faculty and staff and other friends to make an investment in the leaders of tomorrow by donating to the SMUS Annual Appeal. Your support ensures every student has every opportunity to succeed.

Here's six reasons why we ask you to support the Annual Appeal.

Only 85% of the total budget is met by tuition

It can sometimes be a surprise to people to know that only 85% of our budget is covered by tuition fees. Fees are determined by many factors but most importantly, accessibility, meaning that we keep fees lower than cost and look to make up the shortfall from other sources – primarily our Annual Appeal. Your contribution goes to ensuring we can continue to offer the highest standard of education to all our students while making a SMUS education accessible.

We can offer unique programming

Part of what makes SMUS a great school is the extra opportunities provided to our students, whether it’s an overseas trip, the annual musical productions, new music equipment, or the ability to train with Olympic-quality coaches. Often these extra opportunities are provided by your generosity through the Annual Appeal.

Becky AndersonWithout the generous Annual Appeal donations directed to the Junior School over the years, staff could not have implemented the innovative educational vision which has had a direct positive effect on student learning. Large or small, each donation has made a difference to the quality of the student experience. We are deeply grateful for Annual Appeal support.
Becky Anderson
Director of Junior School
We can provide financial aid

As a member of the SMUS community, you know the value of a SMUS education. However, there remain many students who would benefit considerably from an education at SMUS but lack the financial means to do so. You can help bring them to SMUS with a donation in support of financial aid through our Annual Appeal.

Hugh McGillivrayOur goal is to deliver the best education in Canada to the brightest and most well-rounded kids no matter where they come from. I encourage everyone to achieve for yourself, build for others and give.
Hugh McGillivray '64
Alumnus and Donor
We can support everyday impact

Your donation means that SMUS can continue to be a world-class school, providing our teachers with the resources they need to deliver outstanding education in the classroom. By providing technology, instruments, athletic equipment and more, the Annual Appeal allows our teachers to respond to the needs of students and turn great ideas into action.

Andy RodfordThrough your generosity, the Senior School outfitted the small gym with a new sound system and projection equipment for weekly assemblies and all the visiting speakers through the school year. Since the new installation, student messages, videos and enthusiasm have been delivered seamlessly, adding tremendous value to our culture and community togetherness. Thank you!
Andy Rodford
Deputy Head of School
We can upgrade our facilities

We continually invest in improving our classroom spaces – from the furniture and updated lab spaces, to renewing our facilities across all schools. The Annual Appeal funds upgrades like the Junior School Imagination Lab and contributes to important community spaces such as the Sun Centre dining hall and student commons.

We can preserve the school for future generations

You can also direct your gift to our General Endowment Fund. This helps maintain the long-term financial strength of the school and ensures that we’ll be around to inspire future generations to become exceptional scholars and exceptional people.