Admissions Travel Calendar

The Admissions Office travels to many other communities to host sessions for families interested in learning more about our school. We also host online information sessions for interested families throughout the year. Is your community not on our schedule? Contact us and we may be able to schedule an information session in your area.

Areas of travel Dates More Information


Banff November 2017 [email protected]
Calgary November 2017 [email protected]
Canmore November 2017 [email protected]
Edmonton January 2018 [email protected]
Grand Prairie January 2018 [email protected]

British Columbia

Campbell River January 2018 [email protected]
Courtenay / Comox January 2018 [email protected]
Cranbrook February 2018 [email protected]
Dawson Creek January 2018 [email protected]
Kamloops November 2017 [email protected]
Kelowna November 2017 [email protected]
Nanaimo January 2018 [email protected]
Parksville January 2018 [email protected]
Quesnel January 2018 [email protected]
Vancouver November 2017 [email protected]
December 2017 [email protected]
January 2018 [email protected]
Whistler December 2017 [email protected]


Whitehorse February 2018 [email protected]


Areas of travel Dates Contact


Anchorage Email for more information [email protected]


Los Angeles October 2017 [email protected]
Newport Beach October 2017 [email protected]
San Diego November 2017 [email protected]
San Francisco September 2017 [email protected]
April 2018 [email protected]
Santa Barbara November 2017 [email protected]
Silicon Valley September 2017 [email protected]
April 2018 [email protected]


Hartford September 2017 [email protected]


Portland Email for more information [email protected]

Washington State

Bainbridge Island October 2017 [email protected]
Seattle October 2017 [email protected]


October 2017

Areas of travel Dates Contact
Mexico City October 2017 [email protected]
Puebla October 2017 [email protected]
San Luis Potosi October 2017 [email protected]

January 2018

Areas of travel Dates Contact
Guadalajara February 2018 [email protected]
Los Cabos February 2018 [email protected]
Merida February 2018 [email protected]
Mexico City February 2018 [email protected]
Queretaro February 2018 [email protected]
Veracruz February 2018 [email protected]


Areas of travel Dates Contact


Belo Horizonte September 2017 [email protected]
Brasilia September 2017 [email protected]
Porto Alegre September 2017 [email protected]
Rio de Janeiro September 2017 [email protected]
São Paulo September 2017 [email protected]

Areas of travel Dates Contact


September 2017

Bad Homberg September 2017 [email protected]
Cologne September 2017 [email protected]
Dusseldorf September 2017 [email protected]
Frankfurt September 2017 [email protected]
Hamberg September 2017 [email protected]
Munster September 2017 [email protected]

November 2017

Berlin November 2017 [email protected]
Dusseldorf November 2017 [email protected]
Frankfurt November 2017 [email protected]
Hamburg November 2017 [email protected]
Heidelberg November 2017 [email protected]
Munich November 2017 [email protected]
Stuttgart November 2017 [email protected]
Zurich November 2017 [email protected]


Milan November 2017 [email protected]


Almaty September 2017 [email protected]
October 2017 [email protected]
Astana September 2017 [email protected]


Kazan November 2017 [email protected]
Moscow November 2017 [email protected]
St. Petersburg November 2017 [email protected]


Barcelona October 2017 [email protected]
March 2018 [email protected]
Grenada March 2018 [email protected]
Madrid October 2017 [email protected]
March 2018 [email protected]
Palma de Mallorca March 2018 [email protected]
Sevilla March 2018 [email protected]


Kiev November 2017 [email protected]

United Kingdom

London October 2017 [email protected]

Areas of travel Dates Contact


Almaty September 2017 [email protected]
October 2017 [email protected]
Astana September 2017 [email protected]


Muscat November 2017 [email protected]

Saudi Arabia

Dhahran November 2017 [email protected]

United Arab Emirates

Dubai November 2017 [email protected]

Areas of travel Dates Contact

Hong Kong

Hong Kong November 2017 [email protected]


Tokyo November 2017 [email protected]


Busan November 2017 [email protected]
Seoul November 2017 [email protected]


Singapore October 2017 [email protected]
February 2018 [email protected]


Bangkok October 2017 [email protected]
February 2018 [email protected]


Hanoi October 2017 [email protected]
February 2018 [email protected]
Ho Chi Minh October 2017 [email protected]
February 2018 [email protected]

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