Welcome and Orientation

To ensure you receive a warm welcome and start the school year well, the Admissions office hosts an orientation for all new families.

As one of the oldest day and boarding schools in Canada, we know that moving to a new school can be stressful – especially for boarding students if it's your first time living away from home and family.

Student "link leaders" and the Admissions Office will help you make the transition and ensure you have everything you need to begin your SMUS journey.

"We found orientation at SMUS to be very welcoming. As a parent, it was great to be able to meet other parents from around the world as well as some of the current students that were welcoming my son into their community. The orientation activities were full of good information and we were able to get all of the more practical tasks done too like paperwork, banking and the uniform." — Parent from Bainbridge Island, WA