Eligibility for Financial Aid

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There are no restrictions on the Financial Aid program at SMUS

Eligibility for Financial Aid

The Financial Aid program at SMUS is designed to provide financial assistance to talented and hardworking students that would benefit from a SMUS education but whose family lack the financial means to meet the full cost of tuition.

There are no restrictions on the Financial Aid program at SMUS. It is open to all grades, to both day and boarding students; Domestic, North American and International. Financial aid is based on financial need and not on the merit or grades of the student.

If education is a priority for you, but you lack the financial means to pay the full cost of tuition at SMUS, please remain determined in applying to our school. Financial aid has helped thousands of students attend and graduate from SMUS, who would otherwise not have been able to without financial support.

Why you might not receive financial aid

Financial aid is principally provided from the generous donations of our community of parents, staff, students, friends and alumni. They donate because they want to support deserving students. SMUS therefore has an obligation to ensure that this money is spent fairly and wisely. In order to do this, SMUS uses a third-party organization, Apple Financial Services, to make assessments and provide recommendations.

We know that money is a sensitive subject and invariably there are disappointments each year when families do not receive the amount they might have expected. With this in mind, we have compiled some of the main reasons that financial aid may not be given. Needless to say, this is not a complete list, but these are some common reasons.

Lifestyle choices
The number one reason that financial aid is not provided is because of big ticket lifestyle choices which reflect that education is not the priority. Put bluntly, financial aid is designed to support the education of students and not the continuation of a certain lifestyle while children are at SMUS.
Assets beyond income
Some people believe that income is the sole determiner of financial aid. However, to make a fair assessment, Apple Financial takes other assets into account. These can include a cash business, real estate property and investments. 
Not providing full information
Every year we have families who do not give Apple Financial Services all the information needed to make an accurate recommendation. For example: not declaring older family members that are being cared for.
Personal relationships between separated parents
Unfortunately, while finances are often complicated in personal relationships, the school cannot – for obvious reasons – take these into account. We can only base our decisions on legal and financial evidence.