SMUS Life and Traditions

School Colours

Blue, red and black. Blue and black were the school colours of St. Michael's School, while University School used black and red. When the two schools amalgamated in 1971, St. Michaels University School adopted all three colours.

School Crest

SMUS Crest

The original crests of University School, with the martlets and the book on the left, and St. Michael's School, with the chevron and stars on the right, were combined to create the current-day crest of St. Michaels University School.

School Cheer

"Vivat!" Which means "long live the school!"

School Song

"Vivat - Universitas!" Written by Captain R.H. Harvey with music by Leslie Conyers as the school song for University School, it was adopted after amalgamation with modified lyrics contributed by Cyril Genge. Junior School celebrates its special link to St. Michael's School each year by including the St. Michael's School Hymn in their closing ceremonies.

School Mascot

The Blue Jaguar mascot logoThe Blue Jaguar. Senior School sports teams are known as the "Blue Jags." 

Ice Cream Day

On June 2, every SMUS students enjoys free ice cream. Why? Because on June 2, 1931, Kyrle C. Symons, who founded St. Michael's School in 1910, celebrated his 50th birthday by treating the whole school to ice cream. This annual tradition continues, with alumni returning to hand out ice cream at all three schools.

The Boot Game

As the season-opening rugby match between cross-town rivals SMUS and Oak Bay High School, the Boot Game is always an exciting affair. The Boot Game debuted in 1995, to celebrate the wonderful rugby rivalry between the two schools, and the winner of the match takes home the Rees Boot, which is a bronzed shoe from SMUS alumnus and Canadian rugby icon Gareth Rees.