Long before a student finds herself sitting in a Crothall classroom, playing a violin in the Schaffter Hall strings room, or working in the Imagination Lab at the Junior School, she and her family would have done extensive research on SMUS.

Before my current association with SMUS, I remember being swayed at a dinner party by friends who insisted I had to visit the Junior School and feel its charm and energy for myself. Being a person who likes to explore at her own pace, I opted for an Open House visit rather than an appointment. The energy and level of curiosity by the young students was on clear display and I was won over. My son, of course, initially wanted none of it then but before long and nine years later, he was thanking his teachers more profusely than his parents. I knew I had made the right choice.

Our Fall Spark Open House is Friday, October 25 and again we're throwing our doors open at our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools so that other parents can have the same experience I did.

While ostensibly Open House is for future families, we also want current parents who have a child moving into Grade 6 or Grade 9 next year to please consider visiting us during Open House to see what awaits them. As well, should you find yourself at a dinner party, perhaps there will be a guest or two ready to be swayed to look at SMUS. As we say, "bring a friend!"

Here’s some of what is in store:

  1. Experience what it’s like to be in a Middle or Senior School classroom by attending a hands-on learning session
  2. Meet other parents and students
  3. Speak with leading professionals in the education field
  4. Learn why the Class of 2019 received 600 university acceptances
  5. Peek inside some of our exceptional facilities

For more information and to register, please visit the SMUS Fall Spark Open House webpage. You can be assured that a warm welcome awaits!