A digital rendering of a renovated SMUS boarding room.

The school year may be coming to a close soon but there is still time to be involved with your school in a meaningful way. The generosity of SMUS alumni and families has been instrumental to the success of our school community and has helped build a strong tradition of philanthropy among our families. If you haven’t already made a gift this year or are in a position to contribute again, we invite you to consider supporting the following key projects:

Help us transform our boarding houses

While students and families take a much-deserved break over the summer months, SMUS looks ahead to the next big project on the horizon -- the renovation of our first two boarding houses, Barnacle and Winslow, which will begin immediately after the students leave for the summer. This marks the initial stage of a three-phase boarding house renovation initiative, with a budget of $6 million. The houses will receive much-needed modernization that includes updated bedroom furniture, improvements to the private washroom, a new furnished social space, energy-efficient lighting and heating and a revamp of the common rooms, foyers, and entrances.

Help us transform our boarding houses into better learning and living spaces! We extend an invitation to lend your support for this significant campus renovation. If you would like to make a gift or learn more about the project, contact Shara Campsall, Director of Advancement, at [email protected].  

Support Financial Aid Now

Help us reach our goal of $300,000 by June 30! Maintaining a truly diverse student body is important to SMUS and benefits the whole school community. SMUS's strong Financial Aid Program enables the school to attract and retain exceptional students from various parts of the world, as well as North America, irrespective of their financial situations. You can easily make online donations through our website at your convenience. If you have any questions, please reach out to Joanna Verano, Annual Fund Manager, at [email protected].