Our University Counselling department is organizing our next Career Day event for Tuesday, March 17 for Grade 11 and 12 students and we are very excited to announce that Jelena Mrdjenovich '00 will be our keynote speaker. A SMUS alum currently based in Edmonton, she has been the reigning world champion in boxing in three weight classes since 2012. She has been referred to as "the Wayne Gretzky of boxing" and it is a privilege to welcome her back on campus to speak with students about her unique professional pathway and experiences.

With volunteers from the SMUS parent and alumni communities, this afternoon will give students a glimpse into a wide range of work-life-career pathways. Following Jelena's keynote, students will take part in a new approach to Career Day; our vision includes a gym full of professionals spending five to seven minutes with small groups of students, talking about the highlights of their career and work.

Students then will follow that up with two sessions where they will hear from people in related professions talking about their career path, education and preparation, and work life. For the final event of the day, students have the option to take part in networking event after school where many of our presenters will be on hand to talk individually with students.

Through their Career Life Connections classes, students are being primed for this event with information and activities related to professional communication, both oral and written, and the value of networking and professional relationship-building.

If you are interested in taking part in our Career Day event as a speaker, please fill out this short survey by Friday, March 6 to provide us with your professional background and contact information.