The Strings orchestra play in front of a crowded room

This past Wednesday marked a momentous occasion as SMUS proudly hosted its first Senior School Performing and Creative Arts Banquet!

This celebratory event was born from the feedback we received from our students during last Spring's Senior School Co-curricular Survey. They expressed a desire to seek an opportunity for a more formal recognition and celebration of the arts, and we listened.

Recognizing the abundance of talent and the several events already scheduled for this time of year, including the Victorious Voices Slam Poetry Festival, the Senior School Art Show (see video below), the Whistler Music Festival, and the Cross Campus Strings Concert at UVic, we saw an opportunity to celebrate as a community the many ways our students create and perform.

Thus, amidst these exciting happenings, we decided to orchestrate a Celebration of the Arts week at Senior School, culminating in a magnificent banquet. More than just a banquet, though; it was an event, featuring great food and awe-inspiring performances from various disciplines offered at our school.

It showcased our students' boundless creativity and passion, a testament to their dedication to exploring, creating, practicing, and performing in the arts. More than that, it was a celebration by the students, for the students, where they could revel in the myriad ways they learn, excel, and express themselves as young individuals.

But the most heartwarming aspect of the evening was witnessing how their collective talents seamlessly intertwined, creating a sense of belonging and purpose through their shared love for the arts. It was truly an unforgettable celebration of the power of creativity and community at SMUS!


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View a time lapse video of the Art Show, held in Brown Hall on Monday:

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