Academic achievement is one of the key strengths of a SMUS education. Lately I’ve been marvelling at the accomplishments of students across our school. There is amazing work and learning happening in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

The months of April, May and June require an increased level of resilience and commitment to finish the year with strength and pride and an abundance of academic celebrations across all grades. 

Our AP Capstone students have spent the last two weeks presenting their research papers, which also includes an oral defence exercise. One of the characteristics of SMUS's personalized learning environment is voice and choice, and our students really embrace this through the AP Capstone research process. The research questions students delve into vary and demonstrate their passions and interests. I have enjoyed participating in these presentations, as the students are professional, well prepared and demonstrate a depth of research skills that lend themselves well for university-level study.

Next week, our 240 AP students begin writing 622 AP exams. I am confident that they will achieve excellent results following the thorough preparation they’ve done with their teachers. This year already, the students who wrote the English 12 Provincial exam in January performed well, with 32 of the 48 students achieving an 86% or higher, and six of those students achieving a 95% or higher. Although exams are only one marker of academic success, they are an important element in the learning process.

During Term 3, our students balance many academic commitments in addition to their extracurricular activities, from math contests, science demonstrations and music performances to experiential pursuits and recitations. The success of our students does not occur without a dedicated and inspiring faculty to support and challenge them along the way.

Diligence and focus for students of all ages will certainly yield excellent results to help them finish the academic year with strength and success.