A photo of Eliot Anderson, Director of Senior School

It is hard to mention spring in Victoria without commenting on the cherry blossoms that are so prevalent around the city. If you have driven through the campus over the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed that our trees along the drive are in full bloom—a key indicator that the spring term is officially underway.

Earlier this week, I wrote to the faculty and staff highlighting how much energy and enthusiasm the students bring to the campus this time of year. The warm weather and sunshine puts an undeniable bounce in their step and those of us fortunate enough to work in schools like ours are the beneficiaries of this infectious spirit.

With that said, as classes and extracurricular programming kick into gear and we return to the usual rhythm of school life, our focus turns to ensuring that our students are channeling this springtime energy towards pursuing meaningful and challenging goals: goals that stretch them beyond their usual comfort zones. Finding the right balance of extending oneself while setting goals that are achievable is a delicate exercise that is different for everyone. This idea is drawn straight from our mission statement, “we seek the excellence in all of us”.

Whether our students are seeking personal excellence or pursuing something great as part of team or group performance, they are committing to continual growth and development. This requires setting high standards and pushing the boundaries of what they believe they can accomplish while learning and adapting throughout the process. In the end, we hope they recognize that seeking excellence is not about the perfect test score, winning the championship game or a flawless performance. Rather, it is about aiming for positive progress and recognizing that each step toward one’s potential brings a deep sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and the reward of a life experience to draw on at some point in the future.

As we head into the spring term, I know there will be many opportunities for us to witness our students' efforts in real time whether it be in the classroom, in the gym, on the stage or on the playing field.  I certainly look forward to seeing them strive for their own version of excellence and I hope to see you there.