A couple of years ago we introduced the theme of being part of a shared community by way of wristbands. At the time, the bands were designed for us to show support for the school and our annual fundraising appeal, but over time they have proven to be a popular emblem for us to show that we are ‘better together’ in many other ways.

The strength of community during the times of COVID-19 has been demonstrated in more than we could have anticipated at SMUS, and for this we are thankful to our faculty and staff, our parents, grandparents and guardians, our alumni, and, of course, our students. The students of SMUS have been able to benefit from continuous in-class learning during this past year, in contrast to the vast majority of schools around the globe, and this is a testament to both the dedication of faculty and staff, as well as the "sanctuary location" that is our safe place in Victoria.

As we edge to the close horizon of a completed healthy and successful school year, another class of excellent students to graduate and join the ranks of more than 6,000 connected alumni, and hopefully a time of eased pandemic restrictions for us globally, we would like to flag another milestone we still need to reach with your help.

One of our top fundraising goals this year was to continue our tradition of raising funds to support financial aid for deserving students to come to or remain at SMUS. Our financial aid goal this year is $400,000 to be raised by June 30. We are currently 77% towards completing that goal and are very grateful to all the donors who have made this possible.

Financial aid is based on need and helps us in retaining our reputation as a diverse, global school of academic repute. Financial aid also helps us with the recruitment and retention of high-potential students. Like most leading independent schools in North America, the ability to recruit some of the best students from around the world, regardless of financial circumstances, benefits all students who attend SMUS. Maintaining a truly diverse student body is equally important to us, and financial aid allows us to traverse potential barriers of geography and demographics when recruiting on the world stage.

Will you consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us reach the remaining 23% of our goal by June 30? All gifts, no matter the size, matter to us, and the ‘Every One of Us’ theme is unquestionably an emblem of our goal for broad participation by all who value the St. Michaels University School experience.

Visit our website to make your gift to Financial Aid Now or any of the other remaining fundraising priorities still in need this year, which you can learn more about here.

A reminder that we issue a tax receipt for all eligible charitable gifts made to the school, and you may also claim your own  ‘Every One of Us’ wristband at the school!

We are so close to meeting our goals, and with your help, we will do so.