Without a doubt, May is my favourite month. Spring gives way to hints of summer and longer days. Students are in a state of heightened emotions as the final weeks of the school year play out and they start turning their attention to summer and fall. We celebrate mothers, many of whom are separated from their children who now call Barnacle, Winslow, Bolton, Timmis, Harvey and Symons home. We honour our alumni and look forward to their company during our usual Alumni Weekend.

No doubt this year has been marked by the many disruptions to routines and norms. But as has been exemplified countless ways throughout this school year, and profiled in the recent issue of School Ties, resilience, grit and supporting one another has been on proud display.

At this time last year, those of us in Admissions were looking to an uncertain fall, complicated by government regulations, anxious parents and more questions for which few answers existed. Fast forward 12 months and we find ourselves in one of the strongest enrolment years in the school’s history, even reaching our 1,000th student nearly two months ahead of previous years. This important milestone was reached in great part because so many of you stepped up to help and become involved.

We are grateful to the countless parents, extended family, students, alumni, friends, and staff who recommended SMUS, took part in SMUS admissions webinars, took time to speak over the phone or exchange emails with prospective parents and students, shared their experiences on social media, or simply called and said, "What can I do? I know it’s complicated out there."

We are grateful to all of you and thankful that May has arrived. Vivat!