2024 BSYE Finalists

Introducing the finalists of The Best School Year Ever scholarship contest for the 2024-25 school year, a group of four remarkable individuals with unique passions and goals, who will enrich the St. Michaels University School community.

The finalists for the 2024-25 contest are:

Leonardo Dell’Isola – A genuine ‘Renaissance Man’ hailing from Niagara Falls, ON, Leonardo showcases a diverse range of interests, including community service, visual arts, multicultural event organization, public speaking, leadership, and academic excellence. Unsurprisingly, he was honoured as the Valedictorian of his elementary school, and continues to be actively involved in student council as his grade’s representative. Leonardo immigrated from Italy to Canada at the age of 5, which he largely credits for his ability to adapt in academics and extracurriculars. His sense of humour and determination has allowed Leonardo to equally embody and promote compassion and drive within his community. 

Lexi Carswell – Lexi, a proud resident of the picturesque Banff, AB, mountain community, embodies a strong Canadian passion for the outdoors. Engaging in both indoor and outdoor athletics, she pushes herself to try new things — even if she is scared. Her persistence and dedication has taught Lexi to be confident in herself, further leading to being recognized as one of the most trustworthy people in her grade by her peers. She is not only community-minded, but also excels in public speaking and demonstrates a commitment to the arts.

Julia Sherrard – Originating from the remote town of Dawson City, YT, Julia is a visionary individual with ambitious goals. A skilled musician, athlete, lifeguard, and figure-skater, she has not only garnered academic accolades but has also made significant contributions to her community, continually expanding her horizons. Julia has travelled across the Territory to play and teach the fiddle to youth and elders in small communities, and won the City of Gold Award for academic achievement, fellowship, and participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Georgia James – Hailing from Las Vegas, NV, Georgia stands out as a multi-talented and award-winning performing artist. With accomplishments in dancing, singing, and writing, she has earned multiple accolades for her artistic achievements. Beyond her artistic prowess, Georgia is a diligent academic student with a passion for math, english, and history, all of which have allowed her to understand different perspectives and explore ideas beyond her own. With ambitious aspirations in the field of performing arts, Georgia has been recognized for her dedication to the education of young children in arts, recreation, and overall wellness.

Among the four finalists, two individuals will be awarded an esteemed full-year boarding scholarship valued at a maximum of $75,000 each. Meanwhile, the other two finalists will each receive a scholarship worth up to $48,000.

On March 1st, all four students and their families will visit SMUS before the winners are officially announced on March 14.