Ode to the Snow Day Decision
By Mr. Andy Rodford

It’s been a snow day, the first in many years, breaking records so they say. The staff stayed home like the students in their care and enjoyed an extended Sunday.

Victoria is our Florida where we send winter texts of flowers and lawn mowing. But when a flake or two hits the hallowed SMUS grounds, we lose our get up and get going.

Students cry the blues, as the grass turns white and they have to wear coats and mitts. With petitions started and safety qualms voiced, they’re sad stories turn into fits.

"We can’t attend school," they said with sad faces; snowy days should be seen as a perk. So it only seems fair that when other schools close down, that we get to stay home and ‘work’.

This snow day has passed with snacks consumed and Netflix watched in high gear. But this storm of the century being done in one day, brought to each student’s eye a tear.

As we reach the evening mark and watch the weather in anticipation. The thought of a second snow day leaves parents without jubilation.

Mother Nature makes all decisions and safety trumps planned learning. We will make tomorrow’s call with many considerations, the least of which will be student yearning.

Tomorrow morning will determine our fate, but at the moment we will define today’s hero. With hundreds on campus to be cared for and fed, hats off to our staff and Sodexo.

So remember that your safety is our main concern, regardless of the scenario. But be ready for school as the decision is made by a guy who is from Ontario.

Bus transport is a key factor, as is snow fall through the night. So pay attention tomorrow, as you look out your door, to updates on the website.

In the meantime have a safe evening and be careful in the snow. Stay warm, shovel with your knees and we will talk to you tomorrow.