Reynolds House

Do you know how to identify a jerkinhead roof? It's a very distinct architectural roofing style that dates back many, many centuries, and it's one that you can find on our Richmond Road campus.

The presence of a jerkinhead roof on the south side of Reynolds House, at the entrance to 3400 Richmond Road, is highlighted in a new Saanich-focused colouring book. The book was recently released by the Saanich Heritage Foundation and the municipality's Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee.

Architecture Alphabet: A Saanich Heritage Colouring Book is an A-Z book that uses heritage sites in our community to showcase different architectural features. It's one-third activity book, one-third Saanich history book, and one-third architecture lesson.

"J is for Jerkinhead. A jerkinhead roof has the top ends shortened and sloped backward to the ridge. The word most likely derives from the word kirkinhead. Kirk is a Middle English word for church," reads the page that makes mention of the jerkinhead roof on Reynolds House.

Download a free PDF copy of Saanich's Architecture Alphabet colouring book via the Saanich Heritage Foundation website.