A photo of Michael Drew

As highlighted in last week's edition of The Weekly, we were pleasantly surprised by the record-breaking number of applications received by SMUS in January. Amidst the bustling activity of admissions, it's rare for us to pause and reflect on such statistics. This achievement prompted me to contemplate what makes SMUS so appealing to families.

Beyond our renowned faculty, exceptional co-curricular offerings, and vibrant culture of athletics, arts, outdoor education, leadership and service, I hadn't initially considered the unique experience of our admissions process. A distinctive aspect of our approach is the personal connection we establish with families. Beyond the paperwork, emails, and formalities, we aim to understand each family individually, ensuring a mutual fit. The feedback we receive indicates that families not only notice but genuinely appreciate the thoroughness and personal touch of our admissions process.

While researching schools, families often highlight the stark difference in how comprehensively we consider each student compared to other institutions. Interestingly, one of the positive items of feedback we hear from families is the degree of personalization we integrate into our approach to school admissions. If I’ve heard one singular complaint from parents who have visited other schools, it’s that the process was too easy and lacking a real assessment of their children’s abilities and opportunities for growth. The overriding question that emerged was, “If a school is making the admissions process appear too easy, is the school really invested in my child?” Our commitment to coequality in day and boarding student numbers creates the perfect balance allowing us to prioritize excellence over expediency.

At SMUS, a critical role in admissions is about ensuring student success. This commitment may sound idealistic, but it's the core of our admissions strategy. We firmly believe that student success translates to school success, a metric we take seriously. Recent achievements, such as two students winning prestigious Governor General’s Academic Awards, underscore the effectiveness of our approach. In essence, at SMUS, our dedication to student success sets us apart and defines our school culture.

The remarkable surge in applications for SMUS is a testament to the distinctive and effective admissions process that sets us apart. Our dedication to individualized consideration, avoiding the pitfalls of an easy and impersonal admissions process, reflects our commitment to prioritizing the best possible experience for our students.