Last week, Richard Brambley, Director of Middle School, expressed words of gratitude to our community as we headed into the Thanksgiving long weekend. I, too, can’t help but follow in that vein.

Each day, I look out my window and see and hear our students engaged in conversations, activities and play. After months of solitude, the sports fields are once again a student hub. Some are in PE class, while others are practising their musical instruments (yes, playing instruments on the sports fields!). We are so grateful to have students back on campus and be able to see their resilience and adaptability during this time of significant change.

Though we are less than six weeks into the new school year, our Admissions team is already looking to the next school year. Like every other area of school life, the experience for families interested in SMUS is also different. There are no shadow days and we must limit on-campus visits. We are mostly relying on everything virtual, including the annual Open House scheduled for Friday, October 23. However, as many of us have learned as we master Zoom meetings, it means that our Open House is no longer just restricted to those who can visit in person, but it's open to the world over.

If you know of a family, near or far, that you believe would be a good fit for SMUS, please encourage them to register to attend our Virtual Open House. We are hosting separate Virtual Open Houses for the Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. Guests at the various Virtual Open Houses will be treated to an interactive conversation with the school directors, faculty, parents and students, and a campus tour. This past year, admissions applications to SMUS experienced a sizable jump and now is the time to explore and apply to SMUS for 2021 and 2022.

Another important note for our current families is this year we have moved forward the timeline for SMUS families to reapply for financial aid. The deadline to apply is November 30, 2020. The aim is that by doing so earlier, the school is able to provide more certainty to our families during these uncertain times. Where need is determined, the school aims to assist to the extent it can. More information about the Financial Aid process at SMUS will be available on our website on Wednesday (October 21).

Should you have any questions about our re-imagined admissions or financial aid processes, please feel welcome to contact the Admissions office.