Brandon Hawes

Brandon Hawes
Teacher, Junior School Grade 5
September, 2006
BA (San Jose State); BEd (University of Victoria)

Create a safe space where children can explore their interests.

After many years working in restaurants while pursuing writing, Brandon wanted a career that would allow him to spend time with his family. After volunteering at a school in New York City, he discovered that working with young children was something he enjoyed and was good at.

“Teaching was the next logical step,” Brandon says. “My background in drama allows me to bring stories alive for students. Because I have been through the writing process many times, I can help them discover their own voice through what they create.”

Born and raised in California, Brandon lived in New York City for five years while attending workshops and writer’s groups while developing his playwriting skills. While he still writes as often as he can, he enjoys helping his young students uncover their own possibilities.

“Students at this level are just discovering their independence and identity as learners,” he says. “My job is to help build and sustain their confidence.”

In his time off, you’ll find Brandon playing volleyball and possibly on the ski hill. He is also an avid Seattle Seahawks fan. He is proud to be working at SMUS and that his two daughters are able to attend such an excellent school as well.