Sarah Beeston

Sarah Beeston
Teacher, Senior School Business
Alumnus, Class of 1989
September, 2007
BA (Hons) (Queen's); MLit (St. Andrews, Scotland)

The material needs to be relevant and the kids need to feel empowered.

Sarah brings a world of experience to SMUS—literally. She has spent time doing development work and teaching in South America, was educated in Europe and Canada, and has “bummed around” Latin America, Europe and Asia a bit as well.

“I love to travel and communicate with people from different countries,” Sarah says. “I get a glimpse of how others live and it makes me reflect on my own life and culture.”

Time for reflection can be limited though, as Sarah and her husband Gregor Klenz, a Senior School modern languages teacher, are also Senior house parents in Harvey House and have three kids of their own.

“It is great to raise my children in such a dynamic and energetic environment,” she says. “We try to model a strong family life with loving relationships for our boarding students. We’re so pleased to have our children grow up with so many different cultures around them.”