About Alumni Relations

Our rich history over 113 years embraces University School (1906), St. Michael’s School (1910) and the amalgamated organization which became St. Michaels University School in 1971. Our school today is a thriving community of 5,500 alumni, many thousands of parents and grandparents of alumni, plus more than 1,000 current day and boarding students, their families, 200 current staff and faculty and more than 625 retired staff and faculty. The SMUS family is strong, connected and supportive.

This is very evident in our engaged alumni community, many of whom regularly come out to school events and alumni reunions, connect on social media, or donate their time and treasure back to SMUS. This connected community is, in turn, supported by the Alumni Relations office at the school, and the Alumni Association Board. The former is part of the staff Advancement team at SMUS, and the latter is a separately incorporated association of alumni volunteers. We share a mutual objective of connecting our alumni to each other and to the school.

We work collaboratively to:

  1. Create engagement opportunities that are valued by alumni
  2. Build enduring and mutually beneficial relationships
  3. Inspire loyalty and financial support as able
  4. Strengthen pride in SMUS’s reputation
  5. Involve alumni in meaningful activities which also advance the SMUS mission and vision
Denise Rees Denise Rees Alumni Relations Officer
Adrienne Davidson Adrienne Davidson Director of Advancement & Campaigns
Shara Campsall Shara Campsall Assistant Director of Advancement