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SMUS Alumni logoThe Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have excelled in their chosen field and who exemplify many of the core values of St. Michael's School, University School, and St. Michaels University School. Each year we select a different field and welcome nominations from across the school community. Nominees should demonstrate vision and innovation, dedication, achievement and accomplishment, as well as community involvement. To nominate an alumnus for the award please complete the form below.

The year 2020 has marked an unprecedented time. The media and the worldwide lens of the changes to our lives has inevitably made us all more aware of both the challenges and the contributions made. As a result, St. Michaels University School and its alumni are taking a different and broader approach to this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

It would indeed be remiss to not acknowledge all of the amazing efforts of the greater SMUS alumni community amid this current COVID-19 pandemic; efforts including those working in frontline positions, as researchers, as policy makers, as health workers and as philanthropists. There are many other alumni that are working in other capacities who are the epitome of the criteria and the dedication of this award.

Our intention is to collect stories from our worldwide SMUS alumni community of how they have been affected by this crisis, including how alumni may have demonstrated respect, courage, honesty and service, the four values of SMUS, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each one of us has had different types of exposure and consequently different experiences to this new pandemic life.

We encourage all alumni to share their pandemic tales. These experiences will be posted on a SMUS message board. Among us are those who are too humble to share where their lives have led, therefore we also encourage you to nominate those alumni you know and who would be less inclined to nominate themselves. No story is too small to tell. Please submit your nominations below.

With regard to our Distinguished Alumni Award, our intention is to select three alumni from those nominated by our community to accept the 2020 award. We are anticipating that the nominees will encompass a large and varied group that is representative of the many amazing people and talents to have walked the quad at St. Michaels University School. In this manner we intend to showcase not only the variety of ways that the pandemic has impacted our world, but to highlight the resilience, the talents and the dedication in the many ways our alumni have confronted it.

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2020. On behalf of the school and the Distinguished Alumni Committee, thank you!

Distinguished Alumni Committee:
Samantha Stone ’87 (SMUSAA President)
Kim Lobb ’98
Henry Frew ’78
Mat Geddes ’93
William Cunningham ’77

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