Alumni Pathway Page

Financial Aid February Decade Challenge

This year, we added a little ‘fun’ in fundraising and asked you to show some grad class pride while helping Every Student have Every Opportunity for an outstanding SMUS education. See the results.

Alumni Mentorship Program

Whether you are looking to share your experience or seek some professional guidance, the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) is your opportunity to connect, learn and give back to the global alumni community. Learn more about participating on the program website.

SMUS Connect

We are continually working to provide you with ways to network, learn from each other and connect within our global alumni community. You can network, catch up on the latest news and more on our exclusive alumni mentorship and professional networking platform SMUS Connect.

SMUS Alumni Association

The Alumni Association’s Board of Trustees is made up of alumni volunteers who represent alumni interests and seek to conserve the school’s heritage. The Alumni Association is a separate society with its own constitution and works independently of, but in collaboration with the school’s administration, departments, and boards. Learn more....

The Wilson Archives

The Wilson Archives Interactive Website allows visitors to explore some of the many thousands of items in our digitized collection, including photos, videos and publications. The Archives are part of the Advancement Department, and you may direct any inquiries to [email protected] or call Denise Rees at 250-361-8150. Visit the website