Getting Involved

Whether you are a current or past parent; a current student or an alumnus; a faculty member or a longtime supporter of our school, you are part of the SMUS community. Our school is incredibly enriched by having a wide community that supports our growth and success.

Parents are huge contributors to school life, both through the Parents' Auxiliary and through volunteer work at our three schools. From applying make-up to young actors before they take the stage to organizing fundraisers, our parents take on a variety of roles within the school. Many of our initiatives would not be possible without the help of our parent community.

Alumni frequently return to the school as guest speakers, career lecturers, scholars in residence or as volunteers, donating their time and expertise to the same programs that inspired them as students.

Whatever your role at SMUS, we welcome you to get involved in school life, using your individual talents and abilities or just lending a helping hand. We appreciate the efforts of all our community members, however large or small.